I'm Obsessed....

It's my favorite DS series... Phoenix Wright! Though... I didn't care for Apolo much... >_>

BUT, I do own all of the games and reply the rest, over and over. Even though I know where to find the clues and what's the answer, by now. =p

My favorite characters... well.... I do have a crush on Edgeworth! I even own his new game too: Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney - Investigations. I haven't started it yet... it's still in it's wrapping... after I write this story, I'll open it. ^_-

But for others... I can't choose! There are so many that I like! Phoenix, of course. Also Maya, who I think I'm very much like her (I love a good burger and I'm dippy! =p)! And cute Pearls! And Detective **** Gumshoe cracks me up! And I love Godot (coffee addict, like I am). And last, but not least... Larry Butz! "If you smell something, it is the Butz!" And... Gumshoe calls him, "Harry Butz"... XD

Fun game! ^_^

Oh... I almost forgot to mention what the game is about, for you N00bs... It's a lawyer game. You play as an defense attorney and gather you case, to free your innocent client. It's just in anime-style, so the characters are goofy... though the detective work and building a case, is serious work! >_>

FaeNeDaeX FaeNeDaeX
26-30, F
Mar 4, 2010