Some photography is art. 

The invention of photography provoked a deep crisis in painting.  All of a sudden the painters saw their position threatened and in a way painting was reinvented after Daguerre, in the late 19th century. 

It all ended some hundred years ago with the creation of the first radically abstract paintings.  This dramatic shift not only reflected the search of the artist to redefine his challenged position, it also heralded a tumultuous age in every sphere of human activity.  By the end of the 20 th century the individual persona was shattered. 

The artist always is very sensitive about his position and function within society, be it -and maybe because- this position is by definition 'eccentric'.  There's no artistic position but one 'outside'.  It's impossible to effectively show a reality without a point of view at the sideline. 

Though that principle is implicitly accepted, there's an awful lot of confusion about the characteristics of contemporary art.  Multiformity, bordering to chaos is the first impression of art's landscape today.  Within it, photography has established its own niche. 

Like a snake biting its tail, photography completed a u-turn to find acceptance within the great realm of the arts.  Earlier, the same happened to film.

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