Poetry In Photography

I am a 39 year old mom from freezing cold Michigan.  I started taking pictures about 10 years ago with an old manual Vivitar I bought at a garage sale.  I discovered I had the "eye" for good photos, and...found that photography is very theraputic.  Whenever im down, I go on a road trip, and take pictures. By time I am done, I feel MUCH better, lol.

I am now on the threshold of actually making money off of my "therapy".  I have sold a couple of my artistic prints, and have my first senior portrait client next week.  I am excited.

This looks like a great group...and I am still considering myself an amateur at this, so I am hoping to learn here as well as share with others who have this same passion.

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Hi, I live in mich too, in royal oak. , I like taking pics also, never made any money tho, I would like to ,,,,

Hi Kelly Lynne. I love photography also. My dad always took a lot of photos of the family as I grew up. Then I started to take photos of nature trips andIi love to travel but haven't unfortunately in the last number of years due to being in a wheelchair and having no one to take photo travel trips with, no car. but, when i drove and walked I always kept a camera in my car so I could shoot the good shot. Because I enjoyed it so much and was told I had a great eye for a photo I got to doing this a lot. When I was in Manhattan a month after 9/11 I went around the city and took a lot of photos of scenes on the walls, posted photos of the missing and various memorials. When I got back to Dallas I sold many of my photos. It is the most rewarding thing to actually get paid for work that one loves. I applaud you that you went from amateur to getting paid for doing portraits. <br />
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People told me to include people in my photos not only scenery. I started shooting dogs and children. It's something I still do and enjoy. I make cards for holidays and calendars some years for the holidays. It's wonderful to capture a moment in time with a camera. I had a trusty Minalta, a 35 mill. and I loved it. I got great shots and was very resistant to digital but now use digital. I still enjoyed the 35 better. How did you get to being paid for your work on portraits? Thanks for sharing your love of photography. It is one of my loves and hobbies. Velvetflow

How did make the jump from hobbyist to getting paid?

A kindred spirit! Please update how things have progressed.

I have a Sony Cyber Shot, nothing fancy but i LOVE taking pictures! you are so right! it is completely therapeutic! i love to just capture life as it's happening, helps you not feel so alone! I just finished my first wedding as the official photographer this past weekend and it felt so amazing to capture their moments together! thank you for sharing!

Well, glad to meet you all. And family is a good first audience for your photos. Trust them, and go with it.

I don't know if I am actually any good, but I do love to snap shots. It is definitely a feel good activity. I got started on an old pentax. It was so much fun because there was a science to it then. Out of the blue, my husband took it to a pawn shop and hocked it. We didn't need money, he just wanted to clear out some clutter....it is the only time I felt like clobbering him (LOL).

Wow....you are an inspiration for us all. Thanks for your story! I hope to follow your lead one of these days. I already do photography for my therapy. It always makes me feel better.....kind of complete when Im done.