My Darkroom

A day of taking photos and then a night in my darkroom was my safe zone. I had to take it down over the years because of moving and lack of space. I switched to mostly digital but there is something relaxing about the process of developing film and pictures. The water running as the picture finalizes it's image.

I still have all my equipment. Once the space becomes available, I am going to set it back up..
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6 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I hope you will. please.

No Satin. I wish, that is a portrait of Betty Davis. I don't have any my work from the on here.

Nice work. Is your avatar a self portrait?

lol loves ya too lucky! t<br />
<br />
but it's not talent. its really just understanding the mechanics behind the process. Maybe one day I can take photos of you two beautiful ladies. black n white is specialty!

That is so cool.. I only did a short class in high school on photography, and wow. The process is so full of intracity, and has to be just right.. hmm you are one talented lady :)

Damn hon! You cook. Do laundry. And take a mean pic. I think I loves ya!