I Love It...

I've always been a fan of photography, since a very young age. I am only 15 today and have been doing photography for about a year. Im not too good at it yet but I try my best!

The thing I love about photography is the way you can capture an entire story in just one image, the way emotions can be shown through colours and objects and the way that a photograph can be anything a memory, the future, a passion or a love. The way they make you happy and sad and feel numinous at the brilliance behind it all at the same time.

The thing I love most about photography is that everything in the photograph can remain that way forever. This quote by my favourite photographer, Dorothy Bohm, explains my infatuation with what a single captured image can represent.

"In a photograph a child remains forever a child; laughter remains. The blossoming tree retains its blossom. A woman picking flowers lives forever. And in them, just a little, so do I" - Dorothy Bohm

unicorn123 unicorn123
13-15, M
Aug 3, 2010