I'm Frustrated :))

I love photography as well. I haven't gotten any formal training about photography, but I do like taking pictures, and would like to attend seminars or some sort of formal training. I have read stuff in the internet, like the rule of the thirds, the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. I know them but not really grasp the idea. And I haven't practiced them yet because I still need to borrow my brother's DSLR to practice. I love learning, and love photography so I would love to do both. :-)

When my brother's not around, I am in charge of taking pictures during family occasions. I prefer taking candid pictures rather than still shots. I don't know, but I feel candid shots are more real and natural. The emotions are raw, and I believe that it is a talent to take good candid shots. I would like to acquire the skill and I would also like to take pictures without editing after. Again, I like it raw.

I probably don't know what I'm talking about. I'm just a frustrated photographer. I may not attend a formal training or a simple seminar in the future, but I would still like to learn even through the internet, books, and some practice. A lot of practice. ;-)

* I think I should put this experience into a goal.
On second thought, I already love it. I think I don't need to change.

Have a nice day!
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I will caution you about the "local camera club" thing. Many of them are intensley interested in the competition between the members for "best photo" etc. and do little in the way of education. Investigate your loocal clubs, visit several meetings and make up your own mind about whether the club is right for you.

That's exactly what I want to learn, nudeynovice. But i live far far away from UK, I'm from the Philippines. :-) Thanks to the advice though. You gave me an idea. I'll go and look for a magazine similar to your Digital Photo. :-)

That's a nice idea as well. Thanks rogebb. :-)

A great way to learn, and become involved in, photography at virtually no cost is to join a local camera club. Just an idea. Good luck.

Lookatmine, thanks! That's a great advice!

Don't get all wrapped up in the fancy equipment hype I say. The camera is a tool, a cell phone camera in the right hands produces great photographs. Want to improve, go to the local museum or book store and look at pictures. Then ask yourself, what makes this worth gazillion dollars to this place, or why was this published. See if you can feel something from the picture.. Then ask yourself why?