It developed (no pun intended) slowly. My uncle was crazy about photography and had a home studio. This was in the very ealry 70's when film was all you had. The studio had windows painted over in blackboard paint, and a red light that made you sleepy. large, deep trays of pungent chemicals to dip the photopaper into and watch the image slowly taking shape, and colour and form. It was magical and wonderful and I loved "helping" him. He did all kinds of things with coloured lights, different lenses, close ups, and so much technical stuff I was baffled. But it was the start of my journey. He became a medical photographer 1st. Then he and his highly learned wife went to study some of the Great Apes in deepest darkest Africa as part of Dr Louis Leakeys groups of Scientists and experts. Fantastic!
But it was as recent as 4 years ago that my casual interest turned into far more. On a company trip to Cape Town for 5 days I began shooting pictures. One of my colleagues, and great friend had been a professional photographer for a while. He took me under his wing and helped me "see" differently. The photos I took on that trip are fabulous! It was just a little point and shoot camera too! I was inspired and so excited. I have a sweet little camera now, with the ability to choose how I want my shots. I also have a photo printer and software to create all kinds of effects and stuff. Problem is, I'm totally ad completely un-technical! I cannot remember the difference between any of the different features, let alone their names! Oh Lord!
My photos are still largely hit and miss! I long to go on a course where I can learn what my camera is capable of, and how to use it. I even got a free course with the camera. But, I live 2 hours away from the nearest teaching venue, and they give weekly lessons at nigh only!!!!! So I'm waiting for a Saturday morning course to take place. I'm waaaaiiiiittiiiiiing! And yearning to learn!
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I am as acomplished with a camera as I am at drawing. Stick Figures! lol

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Thanks B, bandwidth and signal make internet learning difficult though!

There are lots of free things on (the university of) youtube

Oh I'm sure I will! Thank you! X@

There are lots of photography courses you can take from home. There are all sorts online, also NYIP has a good one that is all done by mail. You should check them out, i think you would enjoy them.