I Love Nature Photography

i love photography, i love taking pictures of nature, and even of things around the house. i take pictures of patterns and things around the house and of trees and flowers also. i was at Home Depot one day and i took a bunch of pictures of flowers and plants so i figured i would share them, but unfortunately they won't show. i tried posting the url in the space where it says "image properties" but it shows up while i edit it, but won't show up when i submit this. i apologize.

SummerDragonfly SummerDragonfly
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As a professional photographer I am very happy to have a job that I love. My bread & butter is Product, Commercial/Industrial, Aerial and Event (like weddings, etc.) photography but for my own personal enjoyment I like doing Nature, Wildlife and Scenic photography. SummerDragonfly, just so you know I am also in the Honeybee group and have two of my own hives. I have a great photo of a honeybee on a flower I will post on my profile in the "G" Rated Album. I would love to talk with you about photography and honeybees.

im glad that you have a career that you enjoy, i hope to do the same someday, i will check out your profile for the picture. yes we could talk sometime if you like :)

I don't see your pictures. It looks like you are having the same problem that I am having.....posting pictures here. I have tried everything and all I keep getting is a blank page.

sorry i am trying to delete this, the pictures won't show up :( i have them on my computer and i uploaded them to a website and i right clicked "copy image location" and put it on the post, but it still shows up blank.

I know I have tried everything and it won't work for me....but I see others doing it.....what can we be doing wrong :-(