After The Rain

Last night we had an all night soaking rain and early this morning I went out to capture some pictures.

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11 Responses Nov 30, 2011

Loved the plumeria.

Two Thumps Up!!! I like the pink Plumeria one-refreshing and pure representing your world, perhaps?

You are lucky to have such natural beauty near you. Your pictures are a pleasure to see

i love your photos and am jealous of the amazing views. The bird especially is breath taking!!!!!

garden of eden -- what a wonderful world. may it ever be thus. thanks for the lovely pics.


Nice photos. Reminds me that somewhere in the world it's lush and green when my world is hibernating and ready for the next round of snow...<br />
Where are you, Hawaii?

Thanks, yes I live in Hawaii and although our weather has not been ideal lately, we are not hibernating ;-)


Thanks a lot :-)

Beautiful! I can't wait till I get my camera too!

Thank you Butterflying

@ lilcuppa - Thanks a lot, glad you like my soaked Bougainvillea shot.<br />
<br />
@ Brieks - Thanks, just get out there and do it :-)<br />
<br />
@ Echo - Thanks for your comment....and yes I am so lucky to be surrounded by such raw beauty.

Oh wow, so cool and beautiful! =) I would love to do that more!!