Winter's Crop

A fiercely cold day in Vermont today, temp in the single numbers above zero, and a steady bone-chilling wind from the north blowing constantly. Not the kind of day that is camera (or photographer!) friendly...
The cornfield behind my house is now a vast expanse of stiff stubble, a barren and simple landscape. But in the low areas that filled with run-off in Sunday night's briefly temperate rains, galaxies have formed in the ice, large stretches of suspended gossamer-thin ice that formed before the run-off managed to percolate into the ground. It felt like a crime to step through these new galaxies that shattered into tiny shards with each step. Art is everywhere...
With the temperature expected to drop well below zero tonight, the thin sheets of ice filled with bubbles will likely evaporate in the chill, but I'm glad that I got to see some of them before they disappear-
VTMarkus VTMarkus
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3 Responses Jan 3, 2012

You've inspired me. The temp should be single digits above zero tomorrow. I think I'll go for a walk in my nearest park.

I never even thought something like that was possible, but then, I always lived in warmer climates. Very cool.

Very well written. I was there. I love the picture. It is amazing. It almost looks soapy. I love nature.