This Is Conner

the little boy lived next door to me he was so sweet hes 3 years old
hes deaf I knew how to sign to him , he liked that i could speak to him
I would always bring him treats every time he would see me he would shreek and run to me
on this day his mother was drunk and he was having a hard day ,his mother ''forgot'' to feed him.
how can you forget to feed your little baby? his mother was a real peace of work and not in a good way.
she had her drunk friends over and they were driving him nuts and i got one picture of him that just said it all how he felted

he was so happy just playing with his little trucks the little boy i think has autisim too
her and her buzzing friends was over stimulating him and he couldnt take it he just shut down and
started crying it was so sad i picked him up and just held him till he stopped crying
that day she wanted me to do pictures of him and we was doing fine till all her drunk friends started picking at
him while i was getting pictures of him so i had to tell them just stop let me talk to him how to pose
i just let conner be his self and i got pictures of him. children are hard to take pictures of becalse they
move around and dont want to pose so you have to find a way with each child just like with conner i had no problem
getting pictures out of him till drunk mommy kepted butting in . so i cut the shoot short after he got upset i told
her we would try again when her friends were there it was too much for him why he got upset. his mother couldnt understand him
 they moved away . i always say a prayer for him that god will keep him safe .  his mother was letting so many men in and out her door
 i just pray god keeps him safe . his mothers got problems big time.

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What a beautiful little boy..Such a shame that sweet child got a mom like his. He deserves so much more.

yes he does . his mother is addicted to drugs and drinks every day she has diffrent men over every few days she changes men like socks. i pray he doesnt get abused but her condutct will insure he will get abused its a matter of time . its sad people that are unfit to be parents she uses his goverment check for other than whats it suposed to be for like the little boy and she uses him,shes told 3 men they are the babys daddy ,things we wrong when her mother found out ,the truth was there was really2 men in the running for the babys daddy no surprise . pretty sad