There Is Beauty In Death

My love for photography is increasing with a fierce passion, thus the need to share it.

Just a few shots from today ~

thejoneses thejoneses
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Lovely shots, did you arrange the flowers that way, or did you just grab a shot. About the lady, is she posing or did you do a candid one.

The flowers are from my graduation, my brother gave them to me and I've had then ever since. I'm sort of obsessed with wilted flowers. The girl is me, just sort of expressing.

Im into it big time. Im surrounded by the most beautiful scenery where I live and though Im only learning, I love it.
I love your pics, Cleverly composed and moody! Did you toss the bed yerself or did you have help? Lol!
Pat x

I am an amateur camera buff myself, and I love taking pictures. I take a lot of pictures of old barns and old houses. I love your work.

I Love These,So Beautiful!Your Talented(:

Although your shots were very captivating and well shot I prefer things that are alive. Flowers blooming with sunlight coming thru the petals, rivers flowing swiftly rumbling down the mountains cascading and roaring over a waterfall. I love the beautiful colors of sunrise and sunset and all the shades of orange, pink, gold and blue skies.

and a beautiful woman in a rather provocative and passionate pose is not alive???????

Thank you both!

Beautiful use of lighting and colors.

I like these !!! .... both convey something very different .... and real ....<br />
<br />
Nice job !!