My Love Of Photography

I  bought my first camera in 1965 while in the navy for $7.00 and figured if I enjoyed it I would buy something better and if I did`nt I`d only lose $7.00.  I bought a new 35mm onboard my ship for $189.00 a Yashica J7 and I shot alot of 35mm slides before moving up to a Minolta that I used for quite some time then buying a Canon EOS 10S which I shot for probably 12-15 years before moving up to a Canon EOS Rebel TXi which I have had sine 2007. I love the outdoors and shoot alot of scenic, nature and landscape now and for about the last year I have only used my 18-55 lens while my 70-200 gathers dust. I have just uploaded some of my shots in my profile for all to enjoy, I do not like to shoot people, they move to much and are just annoying.
Pmacphoto Pmacphoto
70+, M
May 24, 2012