Just a Kid Here Lol

I'm 17 and dont have any kind of fancy camera, just a Canon Powershot SD1000 with some hacked firmware. The main uses of the firmware (that i use it for) is the ability to use exposure bracketing (for HDR pictures), shoot in raw (ill never shoot without raw ever again) and the shutter speed control (exposures as long as 65 seconds vs 15 on the original firmware, i can also stack exposures ontop of eachother to create even longer ones, ten 60 second exposures will yield a 10 minute exposure for example).

I love this camera now, the only thing i still dont like though is how it lacks an aperture diaphram, so i cant achieve cool shots using depth of field. All of my pictures that have a depth of field in them were photoshopped to do so. Basically my pictures come to life in photoshop.


well heres some of my work, tell me what you think!!


HDR Pictures:


Normal Pictures (Thats me in all of them):


Random/Misc Shots:


Its alot i know but this is pretty much everything i've done thats worth showing lol. I've found that im developing sort of an artistic eye for pictures. I'll be walking around town and ill notice something that could be a cool picture. Unfortunately my camera limits me as to what i can capture =/. Wish half my shots turned out lol. Well let me know what you all think!! Any suggestions are welcome! =)

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I MISS photography sooo much! your pictures make me wanna buy or pick up my old camera.<br />
they are pretty awesome, i love the water drop, and the first one with the tagging on the door that says china town... least i think it does, and the city. i need to go back to los angeles or san francisco. my dreams of photography are over their, but i gots no money. =[<br />
I LOVE YOUR PICTURES dont stop takeing them. ; ]

I just have to say how the photoshop ones looks so 3D! It feels so real looking at them. Love them, just love them :D

wow awesome I really like theones of the city buildings=]<br />
<br />
I'm just a kid too...(younger than you tho) I've been told I'm a good photorapher but I dont know anything about photography (iwant to lern more though)<br />
<br />
anyway, you're good I love theone with the kool clouds

Wonderful Photography!<br />
Before you go out and spend all the money on a digital SLR you might want to re-think.<br />
I've been into Photography since 1978 and I've spent my fair share on gear.<br />
Now with digital catching up to SLR Film quality why have all those moving parts that make an SLR Camera so susceptible to malfunction and failure.<br />
Check out the Olympus SP570UZ.<br />
I could have purchased a much more expensive Camera but after looking them all over this is the one I went with and if I could get this site's Photo paste thing to work I'd show you what I've done so far.<br />
Anyway, the SP570UZ isn't as expensive as you'd think, just save up your money and enter your Photo's in competition and you'll get the Money, your work IS that good.

You already know I love your work. Thanks for helping with stuff. Photoshoot soon right? :)

Thanks everyone! =)

Wow! Wow, wow WOW!! Apparently that`s all I can say, but wow!!<br />
<br />
Absolutely amazing pix. I love the effects and colours from photoshopping, love the building and red sky, love the mid air water droplet, love the blue winterland. I love them all, actually. You really do have a flair for this stuff! :D

Wow! I have a Cannon Digital Rebel with two fairly decent lenses and I can't do half of what you can with your camera. It's really all a matter of artistic ability and I'd say you've got it.

Don't be a gear-diva ;)<br />
<br />
Maybe you should have a look at what others can achieve with your camera?<br />
http://www.flickr.com/cameras/canon/powershot_sd1000/<br />
<br />
I think your photos are a higher grade than a lot of the ones that people have posted using an SD1000... but not all of them. Which means the block is in your head, not your camera.

thank you! yes you are right about the dslr thing. My friend picked up a Nikon D40X a couple months ago and he gets all mad when we go out to take random photos somwhere and mine turnout just as good if not better than his =D . lol i can take better pictures with my pocket camera than he can with his dslr. but hes deffinetely getting better, i feel like im limited now with this camera. Its harder and harder to try to envision the shot im going to achieve after i photoshop the picture. kinda feel like i've hit a block here for a while =/

These are some absolutely stunning photos. Really, just amazing. I'm just an amateur, and not an especially good one, but I think you've got some real talent. Your eye for composition, light and tonality are superb!<br />
<br />
What's more, you have a very deft touch with your post-processing, it's very strong and sharp, without being overdone. You've got a real eye for the finished product, and a lot of your work looks very professional.<br />
<br />
The self-portraits are also very strong indeed, evocative, very aesthetic and really have a very potent connection.<br />
<br />
With that in mind, I'd suggest:<br />
<br />
1) Don't angst too much about gear. Your work blows a lot of dSLR-made photos clean out of the water. What's more, even when you can just afford a dSLR, the next problem becomes being able to afford decent lenses. The basic kit lenses, in some cases, are less sharp and lower quality than some of the point and shoot lenses. <br />
<br />
2) If you haven't already, enter photography competitions. From what I've seen of what's out there, you might well be able to *win* yourself a dSLR! (but don't be disappointed if you don't beat people who have been shooting for decades)<br />
<br />
3) Make your watermarks bigger, and harder to remove. Image theft is a reality when your pictures are good enough. Especially if the new copyright bills are passed, then image theft will only be easier.<br />
<br />
4) Don't obsess too much about aperture control. The cell phone photos seem very out of place against the rest of the glorious shots in your portfolio. Any mug (myself included) can buy a fast lens and dSLR and get lovely depth of field and background blur. It is ridiculously easy, and many amateur would readily trade a mountain of expensive kit to have your ability and eye.<br />
<br />
5) Keep shooting! Your work is fantastic!

Oh, you know the stories about starving young artists making do with what they have ! I know you'll have your dream camera someday...but for now, your creativity is growing in spite of your equipment:)

thanks!! =) this is pretty much everything i have done so far. im slowly getting better but beginning to out grow this camera. The camera doesn't offer the features that i need. I'd love to get a nice Canon Rebel XTi digital slr camera but i dont have anywhere near the money =/. Ohwell ill just do with what i have lol.

Wow. I'm impressed. The fallout shelter sign photo actually gave me a chill.<br />
The photo of you leaning against the tree in the woods is reminiscent of some a professional photographer took of my son for his senior pictures, and just as good.<br />
Love the water drop, the black and white patio scene, the one with your eyes!<br />
The night street scene is beautiful.So is the dog. Love the railroad crossing. You really do have an eye for photography! They are all very impressive.

Great photos I love photography too.