How To Post Pictures?

I'm obviously new here and have been looking for instructions on how to post pictures....can anyone please point me in the right direction or help me?

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And you can also post pictures in photo albums. On the left side of your profile page is there something that says [0 photos] which should be a link to start your albums. Or on the bottom of the right side a link to albums. The 1MB limit also applies to these pictures; must be .jpg, .gif, or .png

well great, thanks! I have tons of pictures and albums would be a good place for them. I'm still fumbling around learning the ropes....I appreciate any input to save me some bumps in the dark.

The big problem with the albums is the size limit - but it's better than nothing.
Do you have a PhotoBucket or Flickr account or one of the many others like those two, no size limits I know of and many are free except for premium services.

yeah....i opened a photobucket account for another blog site so I could post pictures there. most of my pictures are in a file on my hard drive for the time being.

I have both Photobucket and Flickr but don't use them as much as I would like. I hate to think how much is on my hard drive. WOW

LOL!! me too!! I just spent 1/2 the day yesterday cleaning out my photo file....and I still have more to do. Maybe I just get a little crazy with my camera....

Let me guess - after years of expensive film and film processing you have recently switched to digital. LOL

yipes! you found me out! LOL.....yep. and I love love love it.

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I'll assume that you want to post a pic in a story .... as you're writing the story in the story box, notice that there is a row of icons at the top of the box ..... if you hover your cursor over the icons, you'll get a desc<x>ription of what the icon means .... find the one for "image" and click on it .... then click the "browse" button to find the image on your hard drive ... it must be less than 1MB in size

Thank You.....I appreciate the information Laffs!

Sorry to sound so dumb.....but when I attempt to write my story....I'm not seeing any icons at the top of the story box.....

Oh ... I'm sorry ... I forgot to mention that you should be using the advanced editor ... go to your account settings and choose advanced editor for your story writing .... pretty sure that you'll see the icons after that ....

Bingo!! Thanks so much Laffs! I thought I was going crazy.....I appreciate your help!

There's a fun photography group you may like to join ...

It's just there to encourage people to use their cameras more .... often, there are suggested themes (in the Forums area) for shots to be taken ... but recently, most people ignore them ... LOL

Now that you know HOW to post a pic .... we expect to see lots from you ..... no pressure ....


Oh pressure at all! ha!!! But really....THANKS for the heads up....I love the concept and need to head over there and join in!

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