Living In The Woods And Photography......

I live in the middle of the woods so my only real subjects are my numerous pets and visiting wildlife....and found I enjoy photographing them as much as I do their company. I also love photographing my plants....and the little statues in the gardens.This is really my first post with photographs....hat tip to AllAboutLaffs for pointing me in the right direction!

Garden Angel a friend gave me

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I hope you have a good day. I used to live in the woods but now the woods live in me

LOL....I like that! As long as you carry the essence of the woods in your heart....its always with you! :)

Nature is the most beautiful photography subject, in my opinion (: Would love to see shots of your woods~!

Thanks! For you....I'll post some pictures of my woods and a few critters that live in them tomorrow! :) I agree....whats more beautiful than nature?

That would be awesome, thank you!! :D It is my dream to live in the woods and experience a life as closely tied to nature as possible. Plants and animals are so beautiful and pure, in a way humans can only try to mimic (:

My woods aren't like the beautiful Redwood Forests....its just good ole Oklahoma woods but I love it. :) Its private, quiet and serene....except when my donkey demands attention. He's a rescue and brings me great joy.

Aww, that's great! Do you have many other pets? I've never met a woods I didn't like, they're all beautiful and unique. (: The mountains of Maine though have been breathtaking~

I have 1 large dog that refuses to grow up....9 cats and a tom that has decided to live here (no, I'm not a hoarder, lol) ....and my donkey. :) I have never visited Maine....but a friend said it is one of the most beautiful states he's been in! I love all kinds of landscapes but think I'm partial to the woods too.

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Excellent work with good subjects. I love it!

Thank You! Can't mess up TOO much when you have good subjects! :)

What lovely have some wonderful subjects to photograph so I hope to see many more. :-)

Thank You jacee! I appreciate your kind words!

This is a great start ..... and glad I could help .... :o))))

Couldn't have done it without ya, Laffs! :)