A Promise Kept

Yesterday I promised my new friend fernclaws I would post a picture of the woods I live in......

This is my driveway heading to the house featuring Mikey the dog and Cindy the oldest cat.

A young deer born here the year before visiting with Grace.
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Priceless, Newalla. I would do most anything to have a driveway to a place where I lived look like yours. How much room between you and the nearest neighbor? Are their houses visible from yours? I am acquainted with the area around Atoka and Coalgate. Much of it looks like your pictures, but sadly more and more of it is being clear cut for pastures, etc.

Thanks sam! We have neighbors across the road but oh thank goodness, we can't see them. :) More people have moved out here but not to where we feel crowded and can see them....yet. SE OK is beautiful country......but you're right. A lot of land has been clear cut and its a real shame.....especially with the droughts we've been having....trees are dying off as it is.

These are great to see ... good that you keep your promises .... :o)

Thank you. Bet you do too. :)

Wow!! Even your driveway is beautiful! Hahah Such a beautiful deer too, coming back to visit. Thanks for posting these! :)

You're welcome ! I figured I'd start with the woods pictures as we come into it. The deer have been coming around for years and aren't the least bit intimidated by the dog.

Such a cute dog too, they must all be well acquainted (:

The dog is just a big ole happy soul....and just about everyone was here before he was. :) Do you have pets?

Yup, I have one fluffy white dog named Pierre. There's a picture of him in my photos. He's so sweet, been my best friend since he was a puppy. I have him so spoiled on affection though that he's really loving and needy. Haha

oh my goodness....Pierre is just too cute for words!! How could you NOT spoil him with love and affection?

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