Shots Without A Camera

I love to take pictures, and i haven't taken many in my life. The only thing is I recently quit drugz and need some hobbies. I am planing on getting a camera, in the near future. I just wish i had one now. I see pictures as a way to get out more enjoy life, the way sober eyes look at beauty. I see beauty in so many things. Its almost fall, trees are going to turn into reds, yellows, and oranges. I do notice things, think of ways to pick up women by seeing potential, and asking for her to be in this one. Ha, I always got my mind on the bit picture :P the best time of year is coming and I am only missing one thing a camera. Christmas aint that bad for pictures. I am waiting for a hobby that the more I think about it the more I await.
werdforyes werdforyes
26-30, M
Sep 15, 2012