Another Life-long Love!

As a young kid, my grandfather introduced me to photography and his darkroom. Everything was black and white back then, but I learned a lot from him about processing film and making photographs.  Seems like I always had some kind of simple camera growing up, mostly thanks to him.  I carried a camera to school with me a lot of times and was a member of the camera club in middle (junior high) school.

I never did a lot of photography over the years due to the expense, but started to do more as kids came along.  I purchased my first 35mm camera around 1978 and shot a ton of slides, some of which were made into prints.  I continued with that for a couple of decades, making hundreds of slides of the kids.  Now, my ex has all of that library but I have the memories and many of the prints as well.

Come forward a bit more and I graduated into digital photography.  Increasing resolution with decreasing prices has made this arena a boon to someone like me who enjoys shooting a lot of different types of photos.  Yes, I have a lot of nude photos in our collection but I really enjoy doing quite a bit of outdoor shots as we travel to different locations.
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I had about 5000 slides from the mid 50's to the mid 90's and have recently scanned them to be able to share them with all my kids. Two of my kids childhood pictures were all on slides so it was a great way for them each to have a copy.