The Butterfly And The Hawk

I take my walks down to the Umpqua River in Oregon [U.S.] I have seen hawks, and salmon, herons, and ducks.
I take my camera with me.
One time I saw a little butterfly. For some strange reason I was convinced I could get a close up shot of it. I chased it, jumping from one large river rock to another. I noticed a boy fishing, and watching on the shore. "Oh well," I thought. "I am gonna get it whether anyone thinks I look funny or not." Finally, after I took one more large leap, the butterfly went to rest on a leaf of a plant similar in shape to itself, however his camoflouge didn't work that well. I snapped a close up of it in a perfectly square frame after woking so hard to get it.
The picture of the hawk that is by my user name is also a photograph I took. He was in my back yard. the fence is my neighbors fence. As soon as i had clicked the shot, the hawk flew away so fast I couldn't get another good picture of it.
I live within a mile of the Umpqua. Deer graze on the college campus every morning as the fog begins to lift.
Birds of prey circle the river between the mountains of towering tree's then swoop for a small fish, diving in the water, struggling for only a brief moment, then coming back out again with it's meal, flying off victorious. These are the scenes that make up part of my nature walks. There is nothing more exciting then taking my camera with me and getting pictures of these amazing creatures in action. It's exhilerating, and exciting. It connects me back to nature, and the simplicity my spirit craves. Photography captures these moments of time so that I can take them home with me, my evidence that I was there; my evidence that there is still a beautiful world out there outside our paved roads that need preserved.
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I have been daydreaming about Oregon for about a year now. I am an Iowa native, but I've been needing some people around me who appreciate nature as I do and work to preserve it instead of planting GMO crops, using chemical pesticides/herbicides. I need to surround myself with trees and mountains, with Mother Ocean just a short hour's drive away. I want to live where farmer's markets are a regular fixture, not an oddity. I want to be where I'm not looked at in bewilderment when I tell folks I choose to be mostly vegetarian. Oregon looks SO alive!

You are right. It is as you say. I didn't realize it wouldn't be like that where you are from. I'm a mostly vegan lol. I go to farmers markets. I am surrounded by mountains and tree's, and I have been to the ocean lots. Its windy and cold on the Oregon coast, but the sights are amazing. There is Yahatz which is probably the most beautiful part of the coast. I hope you do get to come see the sights sometime.

I would go vegan if my body would let me. I was born hypothyroid, so soy in excess is not good for me. Especially if it is the super processed stuff from Boca. I can eat it, just not advisable for me to do it every day. Though with my increasing sensitivity to dairy, going halfway vegan at least with the cooking oils and beverages as well as yogurt seems to be a regular thing these days. But I want to be in a place where I have more regular access to healthy forms of soy (tempeh and seitan), as well as the farmer's markets where I know things are gonna be organic.

About windy and cold: that sounds okay by me, as I'm accustomed to that. How warm does it get, overall? Hey, I wanna move out there someday and I want to be prepared for ANYthing. :-)

On the vegan topic, don't let not eating soy stop ya. Just do the reasearch as to how to get protein other ways. I eat legumes, greens, whole grains [not processed], and other fruits, veggies and seeds on a daily basis. Also, include sea veggies and you will feel like you have energy for sure. On the topic of Oregon, sounds like you would fit right in. I actually don't so much in the particular area where I live because most people hunt. :)

Depends on where you are. The summer time in Douglas County gets to be 110. That's pretty much the hottest though. At the coast, the temp. seems to not get too cold, but not really all that warm either. It stays between forty and about sixty five degrees.

About hunting: My only objection to those who hunt is that too many folks still have this erroneous idea that we are somehow more intelligent than animals because we use words and "have reasoning capabilities." So they use this lame excuse to shoot animals for food or worse, for sport, without acknowledging the life of the animal or using every bit of their "quarry." I still eat fish just because I like it, but I make an effort to at least give silent thanks to the animal.

So it sounds like there's no real swimming in the ocean unless a person wants to freeze their niblets. Otherwise, 40-65 degrees isn't too bad. Guess if I wanna swim in the ocean, I would be better off traveling south to CA for the day. :-P

Yep, true true. :)

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The Umpqua is such a beautiful river. Cool to live so close to it. Years ago, we made annual treks to Diamond Lake, and would follow the North Umpqua from I-5 east. Did a little fishing also. Probably my favorite small stream is the Deschutes above Crane Prairie. Besides catching and releasing trout, would usually see deer, bald eagles, and osprey. Too bad we didn't take more pictures.

That's how I feel, too. I haven't taken near as many pictures as I wish I have. :]