A Picture Says A Thousand Words

They say a picture says a thousand words. Boy if that we're true you'd NEVER shut me up.

I love photography, I think deep down I always have but it's only recently come to light how much.

For as long as I can remember I've never gone too far without some form of camera.

When I was a kid I had disposables for holidays and family events and my parents had a film camera which if my memory serves me correctly was never too far away waiting for special moments to arrise.

Even as a 3 year old I loved to snap photos of many a headless person or the pet rabbits I loved so much.

Of course back then if I took as many photos as I do now the film and processing would have cost a small fortune. Luckily for me heading into my teens the digital camera came about. I remember my first ever one - I was 9 about to go on my first holiday abroad so someone thought it was about time I had my own cheapie digital. Compared to those we know now it was nothing special and didn't have a screen on the back all you could do with it was take pictures then put them on computer - none of that editing you get now no delete buttons or self timers but to me it was the best thing ever. The only problem was it didn't take me long to fill up the picture capacity but thankfully I still took our film camera everywhere and was given disposables.

I suppose it was a couple of years after that, that my dad got a much better digital than my thing. I remember this one too it was huge and really chunky but it had a screen and delete buttons and the best thing was he let me use it.

Since then I've never looked back the old film camera became redundant and for the last 11 years there has always been a digital camera around to use that was either mine or my dads.

This past year I've taken so many pictures - pictures of stuff I'd never thought to take pictures of but I've loved it.

Now my university course is forcing me to look at what I want to do when I graduate - I think it has always been photography - I just never realised it before.
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You must share couple of snaps here on EP.

I love photography too! The magic of capture the light, it's amazing, If you feel like you can succeed in photography, go for it! photographers are the ones who really know how beautiful life is!