2013 A Year To Travel And Enjoy The Beauty

I am praying the VA approves my claim so I can start on my bucket list and capture the images that I have`nt seen yet.. I want to capture the Grand Canyon at sunrise and sunset, I want to capture the excitement of riding with John Wayne thru Monument Valley and hoping I can capture them both after a snowfall. I am working on a vacation that will take me to Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons and try to capture their beauty and power that they have. To experience the geyers that one day hopefully not for another thousand years roar back to life and cover the world in darkness. As we travel through Wyoming I want to bring back life to the ghost towns that still haunt the old wild west. I hope to ride the rapids of the Snake River trying to capture the excitement of riding the wild water. In Jackson they have shootouts everyday between Bad Bob and the sheriff and the world famous Silver Dollar Saloon with it`s bar covered in real silver dollars. To capture the falls of The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and of course Old Faithful. The beauty of our country is boundless, spectactular, wild and exciting.
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

That sounds like an amazing trip Pmac! One day, you need to travel further north, up to Canada. There is some amazing countryside, northern lights, wildlife and so much more you could take great pictures of....maybe one day in your future, I think you would enjoy it and I'd enjoy seeing your pictures and how you captured my country!