Rats Are Among The Best Pets I've Ever Had. (Picture)

His name was Shy Ronnie. :)
thelastpanda thelastpanda
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Great pic ....and a good healthy looking rat too

Thank you. Unfortunately, I had to let someone adopt the two brothers I had because I no longer had time for them. I still have plenty of pictures though. :)

Did you take the pictures?

Yes haha. I wouldn't post them otherwise.

your very good at taking them


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I had 2 albino rats once funny enough i named them ronnie and reggie lol

one used too pee on me alot too haha

Haha I had two albino's too, Shy Ronnie and Klyde (yes, named after the song by Lonely Island). I litter trained mine!

Cool .....how did you train ronnie ...mine ate the sofa lol

Lol it's not hard. They're easy to train.