My Amature Photos Of Animals And Nature

Here is a few pictures I took with my cell phone... nothing too fancy but I do enjoy playing with my camera. Maybe one day I will get a fancy camera and learn how to use it.

Sand Dollar display at local Aquarium

Elephant Eye....

Elephant sharing his carrots

Wild Turkey in the meadow

Family of Deer in the meadow

Love the moss hanging from the branches

Moon Rising

Gotta love a full moon

Burnt Old Bridge out in the forest

The Forest Floor

Spider web in the forest

I love playing with the different features of my camera

So Peaceful

Twisted Redwood

Lush green foilage

This is the view from up the center of a split Redwood Tree

Hope you enjoyed some of my camera fun!
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love the shots, beautiful and creative!

Again you have a great eye and such natural composition talent. I find it hard to believe those were taken with a cell phone. Amazing.

The moon one was taken by my little pocket Canon powershot sx230hs... and maybe one or two others... but normally I forget my camera and end up with just my

They are still so good. Being a photographer is a skill like any other. Some things can be learned, but to see something and capture it the way you want is a talent like throwing a football. You are talented.

some really cool photos thanks for sharing

thanks for looking

I enjoyed your photos. Thank you.

thanks for checking them out

Thanks for your posting. You look like a professional photographer.

lol... I wish! no I just like to play with my camera... sometimes they are naughty pics and sometimes its of nature.

great potos thanks for sharing

Thanks for looking

Wow, it has been a while since I viewed stories with good pictures. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed them all. Inspire me to do with my own collections also.^^

Thank you! I love taking them

You are starting from a good place. A camera phone is difficult to work with, but you are doing well... Consider rule of thirds and leading lines as you compose your photos. For Example, the Elephant eye could be even more powerful if you placed the eye on a power point (Rule of thirds - you can google it). Your Twisted Redwood and Split Redwood photos make good use of leading lines. Also be careful of your backgrounds. The children in the Elephant Trunk pic can be distracting, but it is a strong pic anyway.

Thanks for the advise... lol... of course I had to go back and try to change the elephant eye... Thanks!!

I love the picture that I have.... with that first pic....but it also had your sand dollars (aureola) in the picture as well......

of course YOU liked that one!!! lol

Awesome. Loved each and every pic. You are so talented my friend. Awesome, super. Too good.

Which is your favorite?

Its hard to pick. You have so many good shots. The night shots are touch and half moon shot is awesome. The Parted Red wood tree so real. Its Like a giant man. Elephants eye is such a cool pic. The Turkey in the wild is like a painting. Sand Dollar display is great. Rest all of them are good. If you had a powerful camera the Moss hanging from the tree would have been a great pic. All the pics are composed well. Some needed more powerful zoom, but you have the concept and the eye. The cob web is like butterfly shaped with something trapped in it. The moon through the trees is great shot. I love taking full moon shots. Elephant with the carrot is a great shot. I love natural lights on the green leaves. The twisted tree rocks. The Deer family is a well composed shot.

I meant tough instead of touch

The elephant trunk is one my personal favorites... maybe someday I can get a powerful camera and know how to use

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