Travelling Cross Country

While traveling cross country I fell in love with the skies, never one of the same, I think I took more pic's of the skies than anything else. If I knew how to down load them I'm sure you would agree.
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Awesome,, it was so liberating experience for me. The best part was seeing with my own eyes the wonders I had only imagined, and bringing them back with me in photos. Can't wait together back out there.

If the VA would approve my claim I plan on doing alot of traveling this year and taking hundreds of photos.

Lol, first time on the site, I wrote my reply to you in the wrong place,,,lol,, I hope you get approved so that you can see the wonders I was blessed to have seen.

I`ve seen alot of the beauty of our country but never get tired of seeing more.

I hope one day to go to another country, and do the same, find the beauty.

After serving 4 years in the navy and flying when I went on leave or got transferred I promised myself I would drive from then on and see this country I gave 4 years for.

I wish you much luck on your endeavor,, you will so love it.

Would enjoy being a friend so we can swap stories of our adventures, I tried to add you but could`nt. Last night I watched SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON with John Wayne, got to get to Monument Valley.

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