A Few Photos Of My Favorites Places And Things

I know everyone always takes pictures of the sky and of sunsets.... but wanted to share a few of my favorites pictures I took from my hometown area.

Local Beach... I LOVE the clouds....

I know its not a great quality picture (I wish I had a more powerful camera..but I was just using a zoom on my cell phone).... but I love how the crow is sitting on the tree and the moon....

I know this one also is poor quality... but the light coming in through the tank was awesome.

It was like to storms were meeting in the sky

My favorite wild flower... Lupines.. they come up in the spring in my area

My eyes... I get bored in the car on road trips and this is an example of what I do... take pictures

Simple blossom from a Delphium (a flower I use alot in weddings)

Beautiful sky pic I took while driving to work (Yeah I know... I should be driving and trying to take pictures at the same time...lol)

I don't know what kind of bug this is... but it was on my windshield one morning

My favorite reading spot... I love watching the wild life at the beach in the mornings

This is a Flower design I made... The design is nothing special... its a standard design... but I still love it

My yard gets full of these garden spiders in the fall. I love watching them grow from a tiny spider in the spring to these HUGE spiders by the fall.

I Love living along the California Coast

Hope you enjoyed my little camera fun. I am by no means professional... I just have fun with my cell phone. Sometimes I capture a good one.

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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

The camera doesn't make the professional, it's the eye. Your pictures are fantastic. You should take some classes, polish the diamond that's hiding. I'm not just sucking up. I was a photojournalist in the Marines. You have a good eye for interesting and beautiful things. A natural.

wow! Thank you!!

Hasn't anyone told you before? They are very good. There's a market for things like that. I never thought I was good enough to try, or didn't have time. But, you could, maybe.

The crow and spider web are great pics!

Looks like you have a lot of subjects in your area!

its a fun place to live for sure

I take pics with my phone and cameras all the time too. Fun seeing what out there!

Very cool photos! Thanks for sharing.

thanks for looking

Those are awesome pics!!!!!

Thanks my Stallion!!!