If And When

If and when the VA approves my claim (soon I hope) I plan on running away on a photo shoot to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. I hope to be there about a week and I just wanted to invite any EP members that enjoy photography to join me. I`m not sure when I`ll get to go but I hope soon enough to catch the canyon covered with snow. I hope we can have a good group outing and get some great shots, be there early for sunrise and late for sunset. The first time I was there it just a hole in the ground but over the years I have come to see the beauty in the canyon. As soon as I know when I`ll be there I will let everyone know so we can all share the wonders of our great country.
   As of Jan. 16th I`m now able to start my bucket list and hopefully on the 25th of Jan. I`ll be on my way to Az. and along with the Grand Canyon I would love to shoot Monument Valley. If there are other members that live close and would enjoy meeting uo please contact me.
Pmacphoto Pmacphoto
70+, M
Jan 8, 2013