Flower Photography

I love taking photo's of flowers.I have recently been reading Doreen Virtues Flower Therapy book,so I'm sending Flowers that correspond with each chakra to friends who need a little cheering.Yellow is a great colour for depression.Sun flowers,Buttercups,yellow daisies,yellow tulips...lovely.

I think our favourite flowers are healers for our hearts and souls..so next time you look at your favourite flower,thank that flower for its healing magic..
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4 Responses Jan 13, 2013

You are welcome my dear mermaid ! Colour is so healing.I surround myself with beautiful crystals and flowers.So nourishing for the spirit.

this is wonderful chickie . . . love Doreen Virtue . . . and total believe in the energy and properties of color magic . . . especially from a living being like a flower . . . very cool . . . thank you for sharing this sweetie . . . LOVE IT . . . 8D

My son had a yellow blanket as a baby,as did I.He insisted on wearing yellow for years ! Dandelions and Cats Eyes are beautiful en mass waving in the breeze .Sunshine in a flower.

I love yellow flowers... dandelions are one of my favorite... when I was a very little girl my bedroom was painted bright yellow... it is such a happy memory...