Photos Of My Favorite Beach

I am not a photographer but I do love to play with my camera. Here is some pictures of my favorite place.










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Paradise. Lucky woman.

not quite... but it is pretty. Paradise is you shouldn't have to wear a jacket in paradise.

Oh I don't know. I like taking clothrs off. Gets boring being nude all the time
An issue in Fiji I guess.

Great photos and looks like a lovely place.

Thanks.... It is very lovely... but not everyone stops to look at it

Where is this beach?

along the California Coast

I thought it looked familiar, but I've not been there in years.

Calfornia? You had me fooled. It looked too flat for CA and not rocky enough, so I was going to guess NC where I have been many times. The light houase also looked too old for CA. There is lots of CA that I have not seen, though.

These are great!! I love your pictures. Please....more!

awww.... Thanks!!!

You know I love them, and you!!

awww.,.... you love me? lol

Sure, someone who can see like you do. You and your husband so enjoy life. You're awesome. I can spare some love for you. Don't you deserve it?

sure hope

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