One Of The Best Days I Have Had This Year In Pictures :)

The long drive in, you never know what might be around the next bend.

gnarly old tree I found on my bushwalk, I was hoping for wildlife but instead it was eerie silent like nothing dared live in this place

Just like the movie "The Ring"   seeing this well in the middle of the bush confirmed the second photo!

I was told it was a dangerous area, the windscreen was smashed in and covers the front seat - spiders everywhere!

all of a sudden the bush clears and is replaced with a vast dam full of greeny-orange water  and of course death in all its grandness - Kangaroo skeleton
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Black and White photos have class that color doesn't. My favorite is Ansel Adams!!

Great. I love what you captured here.

peek-a-boo. great photos by you!

I love the story your pictures told. Very powerful and thought provoking. :)

thanks :) I spent some time at the dam just listening to nature. amazing!

Excellent photographs! Well done. Glad I peeked. Thank you for sharing.

I'm glad you peeked too :)

Beautiful!! I spent the past three months working as a photographer. Love your work.

wow thats a huge compliment ! you must have a real talent and love for photography

Amazing photos!

thanks americanwitch :)

I'm Really Loving Your Photography!!!!

gee thanks :)

Very nice work. There is nothing like black and white, they never date, and they always draw me in.
Where did you take these ? I'm in Victoria.
I could fill a swimmimg pool with all the photos i've taken over the years. Photography has always been my favourite hobby.In my school days i spent weekends in my girlfriends darkroom, or out taking more photos.
I still second guess turning down an offer to do photography applied science at RMIT all those years ago.
Photography is good for the soul, and i am always camera in hand, when we go away.
I tend to view most of my holidays through the lens.
Keep it up.

Thanks happinesswinsxx I would love to see your photos
and it is good for the soul isn't it! and good luck with the course if you choose to take it on :)
I took these pictures out near the Surat Basin in central QLD.
there is a vast amount of scrub and bush and nothing much else!
No phone reception, no running water and no electricity gives the whole trip out there a sense of danger and adventure. I didn't want to go home - it was all too beautiful out there.

I know how your feel about getting away from everything.
We are very close to bushfires again ( like every summer ) and when it's over, i will go out and take photos. The landscape is so strange after this , and is great for people like us.I hope our fav. camping spots are still there.
Maybe i will share some photos, when i have more time.
The course i was offered was in 1987.....i don't think i can defer it this long!
My aunt and uncle were photographers for The Herald many years ago , damn , i should have said yes.

bushfire pictures would be great although they are unfortunately dangerous. We have floods here lol Nothing like getting in the car and going water watching after heavy rain.
Photography seems like something you crave and long to do - that makes you unstoppable. I am sure you could still get into a photography course!

You never know ! Thanks.
Yes floods are great too. My husband scuba dives and use to take a lot of underwater pictures. That's another great subject.
Camp fires in the dark are another favourite,and all the cattlemen huts in the Alpine areas.I hope they are not lost in the current fires.

have you been displaced? thats really lousy that you are in such a danger zone

No we are safe , but i can see all the smoke over the hills in the distance. We always end up with fires in summer , some of which can come as close as 10 minutes away , and our surrounding towns are sometimes threatened. Our favourite swimmimg hole and camping spots are under threat.

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There's something really dramatic and compelling about B&W shots .... really nice job !!

Thanks AAL

Wow, what a trip! Can't help holding my breath for the next picture as I continue with the captions. Nice story!^^

I am touched you liked it so much. Thanks

Wow..those are great. Thanks for sharing them.

Thanks Soulrunher!

Wow, great pictrues, kind of haunting, and stark.......What kind of camera, lens, settings?

I use the camera in my ipad usually.
Its quite unprofessional but thats not why I take the pictures :)

Ha, that's amazing to get great shots from an ipad! I thought you were going to tell me about you very expensive DSLR and lens....Nice job.

Great pictures, no wonder you had a such a fine day! You have a good eye, love the shoots! Thank you for sharing

Thanks MorningBreeze!, I am well aware that they are nothing special, but to me I can relive the feeling of a true adventure through them. :)