I'm A Picture Taking ************

I love taking pictures! I didn't realize that when my girls father died, his family didn't have any pictures of him. ( or had very few) now i know why i go picture crazy because u will never know if that/them pics will b the only memory u will have left of that person. Ever since his death, i think i've gotten worse w/ the picture taking. I can't seem 2 take enough! So, my advice 2 everyone would b 2 take as many pictures of ur loved ones as possible because u will never know if them very pictures will b the only memoies u will have left of them.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Your advice is worth noting. Prior to my mother's passing, she commented on how I've taken so many photos, yet, she's never seen any photos of my wife or I in them. I'm noticing the same with my daughter. Of everyone in the house, we have tons of pics of my granddaughter and our dogs, but that's it.