I Love Taking Photos of Chi...

I love taking photos of children being happy. I find that children often have no qualms or fears about enjoyment or pleasure. They have no fear that it will eventually go away so they are completely in the moment.

My favourite kid photos have been:

Watching a little girl in a pink tutu dance maniacally to a Bengal drumming group in front of the British Museum

Watching the look of wonder on a girls face as she watched a puppet come to life. She had no idea that there were strings holding up the puppet.

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4 Responses Jun 2, 2007

How wonderful! Children are naturally happy. Hope you get to publish your photographs

I took many of my own children growing up. If i hadnt, i surly would of forgotten so many things about the lovly time.

Children are great to photograph... I have begun taking picture of the little tiny ones... the newborns and little infants... I created a baby butterfly story once...the catepiller, the cocoon, and the butterfly... I will have to find it and post it... it was really cute.

how adorable