What Colors Should One Wear For a Professional Photo Shoot?

I've heard many suggestions over the years about what's best to wear at least color wise.

I have heard bright colors look best on film. I have also heard that they don't. I have also read to wear white button up shirts with either jeans or dockers. I was told by my photographer to wear only neutrals to my engagement shoot. No bright colors, no logos, no patterns. I'm totally in agreement with no patterns or logos... but what's wrong with a summery yellow dress? =)

I found a neutral colored dress http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/simplyveraverawang/apparel/dresses/PRD~349572/Simply+Vera+Vera+Wang+Chiffon+Dress.jsp#

Is this ok?  My photoshoot will be during the morning at a park that has a lot of trees and flowers. I wanted a sun dress because it's more casual, but all the fall clothes are in now and I can't find one. Hopefully this isn't overly dressy for an outdoor shoot?

My fiance will wear chocolate brown pants and a white/off white cream polo shirt. I normally would not pick out a kahki colored dress...It's so blah wearing shades of brown. but he said neutral is best and he'd prefer me to wear a dress. *shrugs*

Anyways I'm just wondering what is the rule of thumb... when is it ok to wear bright colors (tv and print ads seem to.. why can't I for my engagement shoot?) and when isn't it?

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What suggestions would you give for color for an elderly couple's professional photo ?

White, pink, light blue or light turquoise

i want to view the world as i came into the world without anything to contredict myself ( no cloths no judgments )

Pink, pink, pink, I am professional and that is my mood today, art is up to you to express don't ask opinions of others, do what you love and you can't go wrong, your art will blossom into success with that sort of go gettem attitude. Your a beauty already and have talents I know you haven't tapped, go for it you pro you!

Thank you for the well thought out response, I really appreciate it.<br />
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I didn't think about bright colors washing me out, normally pastels do. I am fairly pale skinned with dark reddish hair. I'm not very photogenic so I think the pictures would turn out better if the main focus wasn't my face. haha<br />
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I was thinking maybe neutral tones might look better in black and white or sepia maybe? I dunno, I'm not a photography person. I plan on taking classes when I can afford a real camera because I think I do have the artistic eye for it... I just don't know have the knowledge to go with it. =)<br />
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I'd be interested in hearing other people's thoughts. I think this is an interesting subject. =)

I'm not a pro, so if any of the pro photogs here speak up, take their advice! But it's possible nobody else will comment, so here are my two (extremely amateur) cents worth if that turns out to be the case.<br><br><br />
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1) If your photographer had a specific request for neutral colours, then it's quite possible he has a particular set of ideas and a style in mind for the shoot that he thinks will suit your personalities/look.<br><br><br />
2) Strong colour draws the eye's attention to the colourful ob<x>ject. Bright colour works in TV and print ads for the *product* ie item of clothing. But it draws attention away from the face, which is generally where it should lie for portrait photography.<br><br><br />
3) Strong colours can make pale complexions looked very washed out. They don't work superbly with dark complexions either, really.<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
So I'd just go with his advice. :) But it's possible that you and he have different definitions of neutral. He may simply mean low-saturation pastel type colours, rather than genuinely neutral hues. <br><br><br />
Don't have any thoughts on whether or not the dress was overly dressy, but I'd say that it's important for *you* to be happy with the style of the dress.<br><br><br />
Finally, I'd say the best time to wear bright colours re:photography is when you want to stand out in a group shots, in non-wedding settings, or if the style/location of shoot makes it appropriate.