I love to take pictures. I love trying to capture beauty and realizing that I've done it. I just recently took in four rolls of film to be developed.  And as soon as I get the money, I'm buying new rolls to start the process again! I'm thinking of getting a digital camera. Now, I love my camera. It was $60 brand new at the time. First time I got a real gift from dad (normally it was here's twenty bucks, we're not spending an hour in the store). But, with a digital camera, the quality may not be as good, but I still have more options. Either way, I adore taking pictures!
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I'll have to check that out...

I got a 4 y/o DSLR (Canon digital Rebel) which has seriously dropped pricewise since I bought it a couple of ages ago.... you may want to check one of those... but mind you: the lenses is where the real pricetag is...

The newest DSLR cameras are putting out pictures the same quality as 35mm according to the latest reports. It mean huge files, and a little bit more acrobatics with editing (because its a *.raw file rather than *.jpg) but the quality and control is amazing. It means you can get darkroom control with the pictures without having to be in a dark room. However, all the functionality is rather expensive. The Nikon D50 has come down in price, but is still up there. I am not sure about the canon and such. That said, even with a basic point and shoot digital, you won't notice a quality difference unless you are doing large format prints. you can even get up to 8X10 with no noticeable quality drop on most of the newer digital. That said, please share your prints once you get them!