And Scrapbooking. ...

And scrapbooking. Of course it might take me the rest of my lifetime to organize all my photos.
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I hear you.... I actually just finnished scanning all my physical negatives... arduous work, and horrible to discover that a lot of them have deteriorated beyond my basic restorative photoshopping skills....

It is difficult to settle down and actually arrange these photos. I have been careful to crop most of them and place them into a box that has sections that are labled. <br />
Last year I finished up my mother's side of the family, beginning with her great uncle. This year I am working of my dad's side of the family and a little on my first husband's family from which I have my two daughters.<br />
It is more complicated now BECAUSE I am married again and the man I married was my friend since I was 7. We have pictures of our parents and of us and all our siblings doing things together. Now I must do a memory book of this life!!!<br />
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Wow. <br />
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O know how you feel. I am glad that most of mine are digital!