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the best place to share and view yours and other's photos is at's pictures are really professional and fun to look at. i like it but i won't buy a pro account. so it's free but you can only have like 200 photos (not bad). and i really need my own camera because i'm tired of sneaking around with my brother's haha.

i reallyyyyy love taking pictures and i seriously want like five different cameras but i'm way too poor for that haha. i'm really mad that the school i want to go to has a photography class but my highschool doesnt have one. lameeeee. but if any of you guys want to share your pictures with family/friends/just other people get a flickr's good :)

traace traace
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1 Response Aug 4, 2007

I agree with your opinion on Flickr... I actually got a pro account and I think it's good value....<br />
<br />
... I wish they'd given it a different name though.... in dutch it is hard to explain that it actually nothing to do with flikker... which means gay in dutch...