Bodie, CA - first time ever shooting fully manual. This was hard because it was so dark I could not even see what I was taking a picture off. So trying to manual focus was a challenge. But here is one of my shots. Hope you like it.
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I gather that you live in Nevada, do you ever take star tracks at night ?.

I tried when I was in Bodie, but I can't figure out how to get my camera to do it. My friend was able to do it with her Pentax but the longest I can leave my shutter open is 30 seconds. Ideas?

Do you have a manual exposure on your camera, then select Bulb, set your aperture to wide open. Now the big question, do you have a shutter release cable or a remote shutter release.

The setting for bulb on my camera requires me to manually keep the shutter open. Unless I am in the wrong place, but that the only way I have found. So I would have to stand there for an hour or so holding the button. Not realistic. Yes I have a wireless remote.

Go to a camera store and ask them how to use it, they should be able to show you. Actually you only need to keep your shutter open about 20 seconds to get a shot. You need to be away from city lights in a really dark spot, set your ISO about 400 for your first shot. Do you have special functions on your camera, you need to put that on to help get rid of noise. In case you think I`m crazy I`m not, noise is like grain on a camera that uses film and without a function or special processing at a camera shop it will look real grainy.

I know about noise. I don't think you are a crazy! I was trying to get a shot where you leave the shutter open for a really long time and get the tracks across the sky as the earth rotates. I have another one I will post that you can see the milky way in. Give me a second and I will post it.

YOU DOITY RAT LOL, I do not have a milky way shot but hopefully when we return from our vacation in Wyoming and Montana I will have one.

You can use a cable remote to hold the shutter open but I recommend using multiple 15 - 30 second shots stacked in Photoshop for star trails. You will get way too much sensor noise by just leaving the shutter open.

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Very nice shot.

What kind of camera are you shooting with and do you have a tripod ?.

Canon and yes you have to have a tripod. I used ISO 400 and a 30 second exposure

I also shoot a Canon T4i and you did really well.

For the life of me I can't remember what model my camera is. What is wrong with me??? I think its a Rebel xs but I am not 100% sure.

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Nice capture!!

Thank you