Another one. This is the old Fire station.  
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Ugh. Can't see it on my app.


Great picture. I love those old industrial buildings.

That is really a great shot, I hope I can get a nice shot up in the mountains. I have photoshop but I do not use it much maybe to lighten or darken a bit or to crop it but that`s all.

You twisted the horizon on that on purpose?

Yes, I tilted my camera to the side to just get a different shot.

I live on a huge lake.. I often do the same thing just to change things up. Good job.

Have you photoshoped that?

No. Straight from my camera

I actually hate photoshop and deleted it from my computer about 6 years ago

I was just going by the stars we don't get night skys like that here

I am going to add you to my circle and if you would like add me to your circle. As friends you can then look at my photos I have in my profile.


show me the photoes

Who me

show me the photos

To see my photos you have to be a friend, EP rules???.

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