I HAVE A DREAM - THAT ONE DAY - I CAN ACTUALLY BUY ONE OF THOSE FANCY CAMERAS - THAT PEOPLE THAT SUCK AT PHOTOGRAPHY BUY - TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE THEY'RE REAL PHOTOGRAPHERS - AND CALL THEMSELVES PHOTOGRAPHERS - AND I WILL *Own. Them. All. With. My. Skill.* (Since I already do with my measly stupid iPhone)- ... And hopefully be amazing and make buttloads of money because National Geographic or Nascar or someone Big and Awesome like that will want me to be awesome for them since that is the only thing I'm good at and have a distinct passion for.

The End.
(I Understand this is fairly unattainable but one or all parts would gladly be accepted)
*The Real End*
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

You don't need a fancy camera to take a good pic!

u mean nancy cameraa

The camera does not make the photographer, your eyes, brains and imagination make the photos.