I really love it, here is a photo I took of my (stunning) friend a few weeks ago. (it's a shame I had to crop it for this site)

when I take photos, I don't think of anything else for a while, I forget unhappiness for a second or two. that's why it's always good to occupy your mind if you are sad, depressed, anxious, you name it ;)
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Interesting I studied photography in school...Well it was more of a hobby thing....Never felt so strongly about it though.

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You are brilliant!!!

why Thankyou :)


Beautiful shot! And I know exactly what you mean about forgetting everything, such a cathartic thing to do

Thankyou! and absolutely it is :)

Yvw, I'd love to see more shots of yours :)

haha, I'd love to send you some :)

I just msged you, feel free to send a couple :)

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