Hi, I'm the Photo Geek

Last semester, some of my friends were throwing a party. One of them handed me a camera and said, "Here, you know what to do with this."

Over the last few years, I have magically disappeared from most of my family photos. More scenic photos snuck their way into my albums. A few months ago I found myself babbling about negative and positive space to a friend while we walked around art galleries and came across a photography section.

If I go somewhere with the thought of shooting photos, I look like a tourist with my mom's SLR olympus hung around my neck. When I take off the lense cover and get into "photographer mode" I get lost in a sort of trance. I just click and click those photos away. Some are dreadful, others eh, and others -- brilliant! 

It all started when a professor gave me some photography pointers. She also told my class that children have an inborn eye for composition. If you give a five year-old a disposable camera, they're able to take genius photographs. I guess the older we get, the more we lose our natural abilites!

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

That seems to be true too often. :-( However, what adults lack in natural ability we make up in analytics. :-) <br />
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You might enjoy having a look at Lenswork magazine sometime. I always found it interesting when working on improving my creative side. Everything I need to know on the technical side is in my 1947 edition of Graphic Graflex Photography. (-:<br />
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Keep shooting. :)