I See The World Differently Through My Camera

I've loved photography since I took a class in it my senior year of high school. This was back in the film days and there was just something magical about going off into a darkroom and just letting the whole world go while also trying to depict it on film. It was so refreshing and relaxing. To this day I still love the smell of film processing chemicals. The smell relaxes me.


I've long since moved on to digital photography, but the appeal is still there for me. I just find that I see the world in a whole new way when I look at it through the lens of my camera. I see details I'd normally miss. I see history come alive. I see the stories buildings and parks and institutions tell. I love taking urban landscape shots because the city to me is like a live organism with so many vital organs and arteries connecting it all together. There's just so much life to capture. Because of photography, I've found the beauty in a lot of seemingly ugly things and found defects and distortions in the most revered places. I love it.

Slackajawea Slackajawea
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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

TT, there was 80s hard rock blasting away in the background in my class's darkroom too! There was just something about the combination of film processing and hair bands that can't be beat. <br />
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