American Bald Eagles - First Day With New Camera

Ok, pics didn't show up. I tried direct and using a URL. I'll have to put them up in an album and get that info into this story. SORRY! 

But today was the first day with my new camera and we went out to take pictures of the American Bald Eagle and it turned out to be a successful day. We saw about 2 dozen Bald Eagles on the ice along the Mississippi River near Dubuque, IA

We also got some pics of Canadian Geese, Red Winged Blackbirds and some kind of Crane which we haven't identified yet although we think it's a juvenile which makes it a little harder to id. 

All in all a great day. I need to keep learning all the features of my camera and I am sure my pics will only get better. I'll try to post another here. 



Best Wishes! Mel

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My better pics from 2011 were put on smugmug.<br />
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Live with Passion! Best Wishes! Mel

Just uploaded 149 new Eagle pics to my Facebook account that were taken Tuesday afternoon. Much better than the previous pics. I was able to get closer and the Eagle's were feasting on fish. Enjoy! Again on Facebook search: Melvin H Waller Everything is public so you shouldn't need a Facebook account to see them. <br />
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Best Wishes! Mel

My Facebook is public and I posted them on it so you shouldn't even need to be a member to see my pics. Search for Melvin H Waller on facebook... should be same profile pic as here... Enjoy!<br />
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Best Wishes! Mel Waller