The Human Body

After reading this story you should be able to compare it with your'e own life.

Our species has undergone a process of change in genetic makeup from generation to generation which allowed us to excell far more than any other. Some of those characteristics that generally helpl us to adapt to our environment are listed below :

1) As a vertebrate, we are able to carry around large mass compared with, say, insects, who depend on an external shell to keep their bodies together.
2) The ability to walk erect frees our hands from the task of locomotion.
3) We have an exceptionally large and complex brain, containing some 10 billion nerve cells.
4) Our life span is longer than that of most other organisms.
5) We have opposing thumbs, which allow us to perform extremely intricate manual operations.
6) The intelligence of any individual memeber of our species, appears to be superior to that of any other organism.

It is no accident of nature that these capacities and abilites have developed within our species, although a large group of peoples give credit to a higher being (god).
Whatever it may be, most people are capable of accomplising extraordinary feats with their bodies from various walks of life. Fighters, monks, athletes, scholars, the rich, homeless and disabled all have a body they can use to achieve what they want.

I was born in a country that was a victim to slavery, and luckily at the end of it all (1994) I was allowed opportunities that my parents and forefathers never had. In a white neighborhood
I grew up learning Afrikaans, English with ease in addition to my own language (isiXhosa) This in turn gave me connections to be friends with the same people that oppressed our country. There was nothing to do but learn, and learn I did. I never thought about why I could run faster or jump higher than some of the people around me until certain groups hatefully shouted profanities about my race and they were right. Like history shows us it's better to start something when your'e still young because it will be more difficult when you are older. I played a variety of sport and acquired my accolades like any champion ( without the fame) I even ran long distance for the fun of it, but it wasn't fun during the run itself.
Mind over matter plays a huge role in everything we do in life, especially the ' norms ' in society. Recently I saw a program on tv called ' Fat Doctor ' I was shocked to see the overweight people complaining about themselfs because they could've changed the outcome of their lives a long *** time ago. I'm aware that comments about your body are sometimes hurtfull but you have to pull through and become better than those comments. There was nothing I could do as a kid if people called me a ' N***er ' I couldn't fight, or say something back since I was alone, then I pulled through and became a better person without comfort eating or any of that weak nonsense.
We all need rolemodels for the things we like, because we need motivation even though people hate seeing others make it. I admired Dwayne Johnson and seeing how hard he worked in the gym pushed me even harder. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great example of someone who epitomises mind over matter. He started at a young age to become Mr. Olympia and again, starting from a young age helps create the human personality throught a series of stages. Through play, children begin to understand adult patters and behavior. By playing '' house'' for example, young children find out some things about what being a father,mother, infant, or older sibling is like. At a somewhat older age, the child is ready to participate in games, which involve more complex activity. As players in a baseball game for example, children must learn the explicit rules governing all the positions involved. The person playing second base must have a good understanfing of the positions of the shortstop, the first baseman , the catcher, the base runners, the coaches and so on. The players here have less room to express their own unique interpretations of their positions than exists in the case of play. And the player has a great deal more to learn, since there are rules governing the individual's relationships with everyone else in the game.
All this is very good practice for one who is leaning the " game of life." In many areas of life such as the school or business organization, the individual must also learn the rules ( or norms) that bear on his/her particular situation. Among the many words in the English vocabulary, some are used to describe people, such as " fat" "good" "strong" and by using such words, we create social categories. This is a strong driving force in anybody's life, since positive words boost a persons ability to want to excell. We apply such words both to ourselfs and to others. Thus they bridge personality and social structures.
We all try to fit in some status but our bodies play a large role in where we can fit, therefore it's benefitial to be in a comfortable range. Day dreaming about other peoples bodies won't get you there, take some time from your'e busy schedule ( even 2 times a week ) to work on your self since it can help build confidence and a happier you.

Laying down a simple excersise can help you and the family, 5 min to target the legs and core and another 5min to tartget the upperbody.
What I like to do is;
Lay on the floor ( mat) and put your hands in a triangle position at your'e lower back and then
1minute - flutter kicks
1minute - scissor kicks
1minute - leg raises
- no more hands behind back -
1minute - plank
1minute- Iron cross ( lay down like your'e on a cross (+) and curl legs as if your'e seated. sway from left to right to achieve that V shape, that girl freak about)
That was your'e core work out.

10 - push ups
20 - dips ( can be done virtually anywhere, I use my desk )
20 - triangle push ups
and finish with light air punches ( jab x2 left/right uppercut x3 left/right hook x2 left/right and repeat)
That was your'e core work out.

Try to do those everyday before you hit the shower, and you will see the difference within a week.
What is also very important is what you eat but most people don't like their kitchen rules changed. As long as you are conscious about the food you eat you can attain that body you want.

A quick summary - You should've started at a younger age with any kind of fitness, and if you have not then push your'e mind, battle the demons of doubt! Tell yourself you are capable!
Eat right, and try to maintain any physical activity that you do. That is everyday! If you need more motivation as family or friends to join, of they don't then just do it on your'e own, it's that simple.

Lemme drop a couple bars for the healthly -

A fitness minded, individual health tactics, we hyper active
getting better cuz we aint distracted
living life lavish like we paid for by taxes
I remember getting beat down the first time
look at these people, and how they react to crime
black feet, moving faster than the speed of light
took me time, but i came out alright
eating nice - man I wished I never played there
where I'm from aint far to watch a white man cuss
telling black people this land wasn't for us
Wintersunshine I still live out my time - cuz seasons change bring about a different aim

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Jan 11, 2013