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Physics Is The frame Of My Life, The Consciousness That Flows Through Me

Ive always loved reading things on the Internet about physics. And reading books, and I just love it! My role model is Albert Einsten, who was a very famous, and genius physicist who created the general theory of relativity, and the theories of spacetime. Physics is the one thing that I really do understand and I can comprehend things easily, much more than any other subject. I have always made up my own theories, and I've always dreamed of becoming a physicist. I adore it and astronomy, both entwine, both physics and astronomy are out together, I believe. I have learned a huge amount about particles, atoms and forces like gravity, and energy, light etc. my brain can retain a lot of information in physics and astronomy, but just not anything else. Ive always said that I'm destined to study the cosmos, and I am planning to get the job to do so. My theories of space and time: This is kind of my theory of time. I have always thought, that time is infinite, that time will always exist, the structure of time will always be around, and well never vanish. Of course, we don't know if space and time has always been around, but I wonder...secondly, I believe that there is a chance that space is infinite, the concept of infinity is quite hard to grasp, but the problem is, we don't really know what this whole universe really is, so it's a major mystery. I can explain my theories in far more detail through my voice, but I'll try and explain some on here (I find it easier talking, rather than typing) so, I've always had a theory that time Is the clockwork of everything that happens in our dimension (as you may know, physicists believe that there is 1 dimension of time, but 3 without) so it may be possible that our time continuum is the clockwork and the reason why everything changes. As for another dimension, it works differently, maybe all there is, is the Unifeid Field that is connecting everything together, and emitting energy, to make things change, and give consciousness. No one knows if there even are other dimensions, but I believe there are. The unified Field is a field of consciousness, energy that connects everything in the universe together. It is what surrounds us, and I'm pretty sure that it's what gives us the feeling of presence, a power, energy that flows through us. Believe this is what makes us feel the presence of a "god" as you could say, the thing that plays on Christian's minds, and makes them feel their god. The Unified Field is my idea of a power, my idea of a god-like consciousness. I believe that the Unified Field could have a structure of electrodynamics, electromagnetic radiation and energy. I am truly fascinated, and I adore physics, and I love learning. I'm prepared to devote my life to be an enthusiastic quantum physicist. I almost forgot to mention, that physicists believe that it can combine all forces, and everything to work as a whole, and they also believe that gravity, can work quantum-mechanically, which I believe to. Lots of physicists want to apparently devote their lives, careers and reputations to proving that gravity CAN work quantum-mechanically, because it's fascinating and requires a lot of experimentation, and experimental evidence. I too, want to be part of this action. Thank you very much for reading. :)
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I invite you to browse some of these books:<br />
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Nice story!<br />
I too love physics!

The mathematics underlying Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle strongly suggests that just like there are three (large) dimensions of space, there are three degrees of freedom (large dimensions) in time, not one. And that there are temporal operators (pairs of measurements) governed by Uncertainty Relations just like the spatial operators.<br />
<br />
If so then what we see as the Universe is an extremely small fragment of the Entirety of space-time. Here's how that works:<br />
<br />
Near the "beginning" of our Universe everything was moving with various velocities in all three dimensions of space in all directions of space and moving with various velocities in all three dimensions of time in all directions of time.<br />
<br />
We left behind anything that was moving slower than us in time and no longer experience it. Anything moving faster than us in time pulled away leaving us behind and we no longer experience it either. The vast majority of the Entirety was moving along different vectors in multidimensional time and departed off at an angle so we no longer experience them.<br />
<br />
When we evolved all that was needed for us to survive is developing the ability to interact with & observe & use the stuff moving in lock-step with us along the same constant velocity time vector. So our minds & senses developed with that limited view of time. The Universe our time-limited minds can "see" is a miniscule part of the Entirety.<br />
<br />
If we learn how to nudge something with a different velocity along any of the three dimensions of time it will depart (disappear) from our experience along that divergent vector and our minds & senses will no longer be able to interact with or observe it!<br />
<br />
Conversely, something moving differently from us in time could "dock" with our Universe by entering our area of space and time and adjusting its time vector to match ours. Then it (they?) would appear to us. (If their bodies & minds could survive when restricted in that way after being used to three degrees of freedom in time. Most likely we would perceive a limited part of them and the rest would be incomprehensible to us.)<br />
<br />
Only when we extend our mind's conception into all three time dimensions and learn to perceive & operate in them will we be able to "see" all the other stuff moving with other time-vectors in all of space-time.<br />
<br />
This is (probably) a difficult & unlikely change to achieve in "biological" minds but we may be able to design/evolve artificial minds which are not so limited.

Hey, are you good at high school physics?