Did you know that the passage of time seems to increase with the square root of age. The more we grow older, the more time seems to pass quickly.

Suppose that at twenty passing time is equal to ONE. At forty, twice your age, time goes faster and 1.4 times at forty years is still double the time seem to go TWO times faster ....

Who says you have no more time to rest ...

This property is known as timelessness

If you want to know more : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheeler%E2%80%93deWitt_equation

(be careful, full of math…lol)
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What is time tho? Is it just the earth spinning around the sun? Is it the way we measure the aging of our body's? Or is there a different time we dont know about, a cosmic tick so to speek

Oh yes...how the time flies....and as you say so much quicker the older we get!

Alas.... relativity...LOLz

It does seem to pass faster as we get older.

lol.... alas... time flows as quick as a jet... Grrrr