Physics In Relation To Size


Ok if relativity applies to our everyday, superficial world and quantum physics applies to the relatively minuscule world, then do different sets of physical laws apply to even smaller particles and much larger things than our solar system?

Theoretically, there could be an endless supply of differing laws of physics.

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Human perceptual based math is as "right" as we can get within the limitations of our brains. If our species survives another million years perhaps our brains will evolve and allow us an expanded perception. Your question does however hold to what I preach about not knowing the truth until we can anihilate opposing values. Not anihilate them perhaps as much as integrate them as truths to the same whole. For right now, all we can do is know what seems and is mathematically accurate to our current perception as a species. Yes, frustrating indeed, but full of possibility.

How ironic, that even our concrete laws, as we view them, are based on perception.<br />
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Frustrating. What can we trust to be 'right'?

Yes, differing but working together in a way we cannot perceive. Physics is simply measuring man's perception of his uni/multiverse. Outside of man's perception, who knows ?