Passed Regerts

when i was a small boy obout 6 years old, i was passed around from 1 foster home to another for about4 years. 2 of the homes had pianos in them. i was given lessons every thursday about 2pm. in the afternoon. i realy enjoyed them. how ever i hated to practice my scales, so i was always getting into trouble. y teacher started me off playing the classical songs. i didnt like them though. so i rebelled. my foster mother stoped my lessons. that was 70 years a go. now i,m a retierd senior and am playing a electronic keyboard at senior ceters in arizona. i enjoy it very much. i would love to meet other senior who also like to play keyboards near my home in prescott valley arizona.

sam4fun2010 sam4fun2010
70+, M
Mar 4, 2010