Did I join the wrong group?

By pickles did you mean the sour salty cucumber and other veggies? Or is it the rocky hill over the ocean? whichever I love it anyway!

I guess I have enough love to try to taste the rock as well!! maybe it is softer than it looks!!

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@ Human Oddity: Fried pickles are not that bad of swallowed with a lot of water<br />
<br />
@ Want 2 vent: The rock is over salt water, it looks delicious doesn't it?

I heart pickles, but I don't care for the fried ones. They're way too salty for me.

Me too.

i love the big dill ones-yum yum

@deadlycupcake: I have deep fried pickles with pickles!<br />
<br />
@xswinggx: so you tasted the pickle rock? how was it? you are kind of pickle queen!

Yes! i love pickes! and the rock being softer than it looks... funny! and yes i have had fried pickles with a side of ranch.. yum!

have you ever had deep fried pickles with a side of ranch? YUM!

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