Facial *** Experience

My lover is very much into bondage and oral sex.Her favourite idea of sex is to be tied by me, spreadeagled to the bed,fully dressed in voluminous skirt and petticoats, no knickers, and be licked out to at least 2orgasms! after she has come, she begs to take my **** in her mouth, whilst still bound, and sucks and deep throats it until I am on the point of coming. She then insists on me removing my **** and ************ to ******, covering her face in hot, sticky ***. She looks absolutely divine,laying there, still bound, her face,hair and throat dripping in ***. I then have to use my tongue to lick up my *** drop by drop and transfer it to her mouth so that she can savour and swallow every drop. A truely fantastic experience for both of us.
emmajay emmajay
66-70, T
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Great erotic story! Thanks. I have never been lucky enough to see this happening and I probably wont at this stage.I do like seeing it on P movies.
I do hope that you keep healthy and are ok.
Keep up the good work! Its great for the body!

I have to admit, photos of women with *** facials are quite sexy.